In the court of King Krishnadevarai of the state of Vijayanagar. One day an envoy from a neighboring country arrived. The angel also brings with him various valuable gifts for King Krishnadevarai. The king is from the neighboring state. He did not neglect to welcome the angel. The angel stayed in the king’s palace for … Read more GIFT

BLACKHOLE- The Mysterious Region in space

What is blackhole       Blackhole are some of the strangest and most fascinating objects found in outer space.  A  Blackhole  is  a region in  space  whose  gravitational  force  is  so  intense  that   nothing  can   escape   from it pulls not  even   light   of   electromagnetic   radiation. Birth  of  Blackhole Commonly a  Blackhole is produced by certain dying stars.  In the normal life of the star,  there is … Read more BLACKHOLE- The Mysterious Region in space