I think of how many times Manika was able to bow to Khunta in Dandapinda. The raft floating in the sky looked at the cloud alone. He covered his face with a piece of garlic, threw a clove of garlic, and brought it to his daughter-in-low. the distressed mother-in-law put her hand on her body and said, ”put it in your mouth, I’m bringing your tea.” Manika flashed.

Turning his eyes from the sky, he covered his mouth and looked at a row of coconut trees standing like a hero in a barn. They have been standing in line for years. No one has a problem with anyone. No one has any pride or pride. During the Javanese period, there were coconut saplings buried in Geralt’s sticks. Abhiyaya fruit. How many cakes do you have from this coconut? how many festivals? this coconut has reached the house of friends Kunia Maitra, And how many bags she has fed five children. They will be together tonight. Not tomorrow. Someone will fall in love. The cut will eat. Sitting in the crowd Not looked at their beautiful face. Manika filled the basket with tears in his eyes and covered his hands with tears.

Afternoon is on his knees. Let be dark at the bottom. Why is it so empty? The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else. Manika is sitting with his Db burning in his seat. the smell of burnt cow dung is coming from the cowshed. Chuchundra is all around, knocking on the door. Manua is already running out of the smoke in the den of cows.

Manika distributed tea for his son. Another DB should be placed next to the child. It’s time to dump her and move on. Granddaughter Charita is always worried about her grandchildren. There are seven animal families relying on farming. what is harvested from the year is full of immorality. And the baby’s stomach is full. Manua is slowly cultivating the soil. When used for rice, beans, mung beans and potatoes, Nalita Ara Di Ara Chati, Unbeknownst to him, he threshed four grains of paddy on the banks of the Patnali. All of this happens again in five parts. The family runs on what falls into the Manua part. If you don’t cultivate, where will you get grain? The bride brought a glass of tea in a brass glass and sat next to it. The palms were illuminated in the dialysis.


The stone door, which had been torn down in the middle, was also in danger of collapsing. Manika’s nude hair was even more distorted in the black smoke match. The dry face of the old woman’s face looked more and more bubbly as she put her face in the teacup.

Manu sat next to the machine. we will refuse to talk about land acquisition. From the time your father was a child, the crop has been heavily polluted. What good is a web site if it simply ” blends in” with everything else out there? Manika’s eyes widened as he gave Manua an insight into the land.  The cochlea in the chest began to melt.  “It simply came to our notice then.  Nor would anyone have dared to share the land.  How hard the land was reduced.  No one has so much land in these five pieces of land.  Everything that was gained is sitting on the brink of extinction.  My heart is pounding.  Manu told his mother to be patient.  What would you do if you cried?  What else does he do in the village?  So the boys did a great job. 

He lived in the city by the door.  The land will be sold here.  In addition, he will sell his share.  What does anyone have to say? ‘  Manik was annoyed by his son’s words.  “She is OK.  I never thought they would come out of my stomach.  Manik lost his temper as he wiped his tears from his clothes.  Listening to her mother, Manua said they would come tomorrow morning. 

Gentlemen will come and arrive on time.  I have taken out the land.  The distribution will be completed by noon.  What can I say about what five people will sit and do?  Whatever happens to me is my destiny.  “I told her calm down and we would take care of her,” said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary-general.  Manik was silent when he heard his son.  This is the rule of thumb.  He could not find a way to say anything more.  The smoke billowing from the DB cut the round ball and disappeared into the void.  The age of the night was growing. *

* The big tree is scattered in the barn.  The brass plate will have a broken beverage.  Pouring water nearby.  The whole glass.  The gentleman is sitting with a land lease in his hand.  The five brothers are surrounded by gentlemen.  The lands of the various mouzas have been reckoned with.  That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.  The eldest son, Nab, is the eldest son from the west or the west.  And the eldest son’s eldest will get the share.  Dad will beat my mother.  He will be followed by other brothers.  The stick will be in the old pond, the shed, the big bamboo stick in Ezimili.  Or what are you saying?  The old man asked without taking his eyes off the glasses.  Manik watches the sharing, covering his face with his ears near the door.  Listen to the gentleman’s little talk. 

Lakshe shaves his head for the sake of the village goddess.  Heavy greed for the youngest son.  The four eldest sons left their jobs and settled in the city.  Poor Manua lived in the village and saw his father’s property.  Farming took place.  The donkey’s share of the brothers carried the city to the city.  Mug Biri Kolath Potato Coconut Panas equally divided and handed over to the brothers. 

Niti Sanjadeep was burnt in the mire of his deipindi.  He gave the elders water.  The house was in charge.  Jani Jatara Thakur, who has been eating for months, has been devoting his life to his father-in-law.  Finally, the brothers sat down to divide the land from the village.  Chandal Gudanka’s sympathy for this Mulia Vita’s grief does not seem to matter.  Once again, Manik hit her on the head with a pair of hands.  The eldest son awoke when he heard the old man running away.  “It simply came to our notice then.  Do what I say  Don’t go for less than your full potential.  What’s the matter with you again?  Shall we sit here guarding the pond?  No, we will not let our children go outside.  There will be no ezimile.  Start distributing farmland to me.  Give me my eldest part first. 

The mother said, “Father, you are saying that you should not sit in the village and watch the punishment sticks!”  You don’t have to worry about that, mouse.  Distribute as I said.  Manu sits in silence.  The other brothers are in a hurry.  You have to come back soon after work.  Otherwise, you will have to eat red rice here.  Everyone roared in unison to finish the distribution soon.  The poor mother began to scrape the paper as he got older.  Time is running out.  Farmland will be allotted, including houses.  Everyone is wondering what will happen to someone.  Manik thinks Surya Mohanty’s wealth will be divided.  There will be a big bill.  Pool pond mango tota … These sandals will be handed over to the caste and ethnic group. *

We will not take an inch from the house

* For a long time, the mother was shouting down the bed.  The mother nodded, taking a sip of it all before the drink peaked from his lips.  The distribution will start from now on.  The eldest son said, “We will not take an inch from the house.”  Dad’s old rice paddy has fallen into disrepair.  Manu has been living here for years.  Give it a whirl.  For the sake of Dihu, start distributing the khalabadi nadiabadi baunsabuda from me.  Hearing this, Gar Keita, who had been cut down, ran away again and began to rub the old man.  Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord, Lord of lords.  I divided the farmland into different areas into five equal parts.  Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.  Tamar followed her. 

Manu is younger.  “mother was released this morning; she’s talked to her father and she’s fine.  The land is all manure.  Farming will continue.  Kelajor, Amritmanohi, Gokha Pokhari, Ambatota are all places where the eldest son is in front.  The roadside area near the temple was handed over to the eldest son.  With a single sigh, the glass of water rose and the old man fled. 

The land is all manure.

Everyone was happy to ask if anyone had anything to say.  Manu sits quietly and listens.  His family does not have a tradition of talking about older brothers.  That’s what Dad learned.  The mother spat and said, “Yes, let my father’s grave be kept in place.”  Said the elder.  What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there?  Will our sons come here and bury us in this mausoleum?  Let him live in the tomb of Manua.  There will be a Bou burial.  The distribution letter was written.  The brothers took out pens from their pockets for signature. *

 * All the property of Surya Mahanti was divided.  The gentlemen decided to dismantle the division by burning all the rules of the division.  The threshing floor, the Ambatota tomb, was torn in front of my eyes.  Memories of the past danced one by one in Manik’s eyes.  How old is the farm when the old man lives?  The pair of oxen.  The burden of the servant’s burden.  As night fell, the crowds gathered in the streets.  Maghmulia’s eating and drinking and wages were shaking.  How much did one man do?  He made five children human. 

The old man left that Lakshmi had left.  Now that the boys are needed, they have come to Bopa Dih, to share in Bopa’s property.  Manik Koh could not handle it.  The day is set to pass.  The old woman cut off the banana leaves from the stick.  She was able to get her hands on the boys.  Bohu told her daughter-in-law how much Mughali had done to her by burning lime leaves, turmeric, saffron, and so on.  The boys took to the streets.  Get ready to go.  He filled the bottle with water.  Approaching the boys, Manik asked, “Let’s eat the dita.”  The boys nodded and walked away.  Bhagwali cooks in the dry season.  There will be food and drink. 

Manik was startled by his eldest son’s reply.  Sina Koh held her pride in her chest but could not control everything.  I was forced to open my mouth.  Before I go, listen to my verse.  There is no need to send money to the father for a hundred and fifty.  In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ”  From today, Tamar has lost all contact with this soil.  You won’t set foot in this body until I’m alive.  I will not die.  You’re a real spitfire.  Come on in, take a look.  For a while, everything seemed to be silent.  The leaves of the lemon tree, which was standing on its head, were not shaken.  The motorbike smoked and left the village.  How much did Manua think, leaning on the pole?  Manik clung to her. *

 * Don’t worry about it.  Who knew it would come out of my stomach like this?  Manu said, “I understand what they took, Bo. You’re so cute.”  You don’t know, Lo Bowie, I got the best thing.  I have a lot of funeral services for my father and mother.  The house has fallen into disrepair.  They have left my most precious property to me.  What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ”  All they have taken is the soil.  Whatever money you get from selling.  If I take care of my property, where will I get the virtues that I will get?  Sunamunda on my part, Lo Bou on the ground.  You are on my side.  Tears welled up in Manik’s eyes.  Without wiping away her tears, she continued to wipe her son’s face with her clothes. *

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