The prince was crowned at an early age due to the sudden death of the king of Bikrampur. To the inexperienced new king of the world, the Rajguru said, “He who becomes the ruler should first know how far humanity is among every human being. I will teach you all these things when you need them.


The new king asked the Rajguru, “How long will it take to know all this?”

“It simply came to our notice then.

The new king decided at a time when all members of the court would share their experiences with the new king.

One day a man came and said, “Your Majesty, I was walking in the forest one day. Suddenly a thorn fell on my leg, causing great pain and bloodshed.” Just then a man ran up and told me, “The tiger is coming. Get on the tree as soon as possible.” He warned me and climbed on top of me. After that, I also climbed the custom. After a while, the tiger was seen passing by. Then we both went down our path. ” The Rajguru asked, “Did that man have any weapons?”

“It simply came to our notice then. And the man also seemed to be strong. ”

The Rajguru told the new king, “The man’s humanity was a quarter of that in the incident. “It’s okay to take care of a person, but he selfishly climbs a tree without thinking about how to save his life.”

Another day, another civil servant shared his experience.

“A poor man was hungry; He fainted in front of a rich man’s house. The rich man picked him up, fed him, and kept him at home. One day the rich man beat him for some reason. Unable to bear all this, a passerby asked, “Why are you beating him up so much?”

“When this man fainted, I took care of him and saved his life and wrote that he would serve me as long as he lived,” said Dhanik. Who are you asking so much? ”

The man on the street tore up a letter from the rich to spend the rest of his life, and said to the poor, “From today on, you are free, go wherever you want.” With that, he left.

“Fifty percent of the people on the streets are human,” he said. If he could do something for her, he would be fine. Nowhere else will he sell himself or be a thief in his stomach? ”

The new king asked, “What do you say about the rich?” Doesn’t humanity have a name in it? ” Then Gurudev said, “He is a monster.”

One day two businessmen came to the Rajya Sabha. Their condition was deplorable. They said, “We are looking for all the valuables, from the sales. One day the robbers took everything away from us and sat down to kill us. Their leader said, “Don’t kill me. If you kill me today, it will end here.” Give him the road instead. “If they come this way, we will loot his money.” Rajguru said, “Three-quarters of humanity is among thieves. Robbery is his profession, so he can’t develop his humanity.”

One day a soldier brought two men to the king. One of them is rich and the other is poor. The soldier said, “Your Majesty, this rich man has thrown the poor man into the water and fallen himself. They both came ashore when I ran. “

The king asked the rich man; “Why were you pushing him into the river?” So he said to the rich man, “Your Majesty, I have done a great injustice to this man. He is my neighbor, poor and helpless. I took her residence from her. He told everyone. So I became very angry and set fire to her house. When others asked me about it, I said, “He ignited it and set it on fire.” She could no longer afford a home. Today he saw me on the bank of the river and said, “You have destroyed me.” Then I got angry and pushed him into the river. He had caught me before that. As a result, we both fell. I don’t even know how to swim. So when I drowned, he picked me up and swam to save my life. ”

According to the Rajguru, the king released the two without punishment. When they left to reward the poor, the Rajguru said, “The humanity of the poor is complete; Because of his good qualities, he was able to change the mind of the rich. Due to the wise advice of the Rajguru, the new king gradually gained knowledge of the world and human nature and became a good ruler. ”

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