In the court of King Krishnadevarai of the state of Vijayanagar. One day an envoy from a neighboring country arrived. The angel also brings with him various valuable gifts for King Krishnadevarai. The king is from the neighboring state. He did not neglect to welcome the angel. The angel stayed in the king’s palace for two days.

King Krishnadevarai also wished to give some benefit to the angel. That is why he said to the angel – “I want to give you a gift too. Gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, you can ask me for anything you want. ” Then the angel heard the king and said, “ Your Majesty! I don’t need any of this. If you want to give me something, give me something else so that he can be with me in joy and sorrow and strengthen my spirit and no one can separate him from me. ”

The king was astonished to hear the angel’s words, and the king’s parishioners no longer had a word to say. No one can understand what a gift it is Being in this world can be a companion of happiness and sorrow! No one can solve it. At that moment, the king remembered Tenalirama. At that time, Tenalirama was also in the court The king then asked Tenalirama, “Is Tenalirama?” Can you solve my problem? Can you bring such a gift to this angel? ” Tenalirama heard all this and said, “ Your Majesty! I believe I can do it. The ambassador of the neighboring state will have the gift as soon as he leaves here at noon. “ You rest assured now. The ambassador is getting ready to go to his own country. When he went out to pay, the angel said – “Your Majesty! Why didn’t I get that gift?”

You did not fulfill your promise at all. Then King Krishnadevaraya looked at Tenalirama’s face and said, “What a Tenalirama!” Where did your gift go? ”* Tenalirama smiled and said, *“ Your Majesty! He has a gift with him. He doesn’t know. * Tell him to look behind him once. When he heard this, he immediately looked back, but could not see anything. angel asked, * “Where is the gift? Can’t I see anything? * Then Tenalirama laughed and said, * “Mr. Ambassador! I looked around and saw what was behind you. Your shadow In times of happiness, in times of sorrow, even for the rest of your life. No one can separate your shadow from you.

King Krishnadevaraya was very surprised to hear this. The messenger also heard Tenalirama’s words and said, “Your Majesty! I have heard a lot about Tenalirama’s cleverness.

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