Malati Devi, a nearly 60yr.the old lady was sitting on her bed, skimrining over the first page of the newspaper. Suddenly her eyes spanned by looking at a headline that was written about a newly married bride killed for Dowry harassment. Write seeing the news her eyes wet and she was reminding her old day of 5 years before.

         Vikram Routray, a renounced businessman, who was known by all over the state, It’s family means his wife Malati Devi, son Madan, and daughter Sanju. Madan helped his father in business. Sanju studied in +3 2nd yr arts and that family is like a heavenly family. All the feelings of each of others in every situation. They were so happy. To make more happy Vikram Babu taught to bring a bride for Madan. Madan agreed for the marriage, but not for the bride who was chosen by his uncle Indramani Delray. Indramani chose a girl, the daughter of a great industrious (capitalist) Abhijit Prasad Roy. The proposal is only agreed upon by Malati Devi. But Madan, Sanju, and Vikram babu quite could not be accepted. Madan wanted to marry a girl of her own choice named Jyoti, who was the daughter of high school peon Subrat. Both love each other Madan introduces the girl to her mother. Although Vikram babu agreed for the proposal of Madan, Malati Devi refused to bring the bride from a poor family. Who was unable to the girl at least a gold ring. As compared to the industrious Abhijit Prasad Ray, who has many things like Ambassador car, Bank balance, and credit card and a higher status. How much a high school peon can give? Most of the important thing is Abhijit Prasad has only one daughter Priti. After marrying the entire property will be transferred to Madan’s hand. This greediness made Malati Devi a dangerous woman.

     At least the incident happened, Madan married to Priti couldn’t manage with In-laws family, inside the four walls like a bird in the cage. She has the habit of attending parties dance bars,……., how could she adjust with the boring family. Sometimes she felt ego for her father’s wealth. She showed her status in the family. She didn’t work anything, even she worked to her sister=in-low and mother in law and she took rest all the time at her bedroom. Some time she beat Sanju. But poor Madan couldn’t do anything in the sorrowful situation. Malati Devi recognized her mistake. After someday, Priti accused a false FIR in Madan’s family about Dawry harassment. She falsely accused that her inlaws barrassed her both in mentally & physically. Then Vikram Babu and his wife’s family were arrested. After somedays of the events, Priti took a divorce from, Madan and married another guy. Later that accuse was proved false and Madan’s family were released.

     To penance her mistake, Malati Devi accepted Jyoti as her daughters-in-law. Now Vikram Babu, Madan, Malati Devi, and Sanju were happy. Water Jyoti coming to the house, the house became heaven and all the happiness was given by God. Malati Devi thought that she had kicked her Laxmi like bride Jyoti.

     Opening the pages of past, Malati Devi’s eyes are watered and her dress was already wet without her knowledge. At the time Jyoti come and say, “Maa, are you welping ?” and she wiped her tears by her Panat Kani (skirt), Malati Devi hug Jyoti and she repeatedly says, “I never do such a crime like taking Davray……”.

                                                                                                                  Sher sailya Singh

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