Small Story-My Father Is My Home

Somanath got off at Bhubaneswar station from a special train from Chennai. With his wife Sushama and four-year-old daughter Sutpa. Three men had masks on their faces. Does the little girl understand that he is about Corona’s care? Hir hunger in the stomach … she needs food. Annoyed by the mask, Sushama sprinkled four good mediums on her back. The platform shuddered at Sutpar’s vein.

Annoyed, Somanath said … Can’t handle the child? Why is she crying? Sushama’s stomach is also burning with hunger. she didn’t leave. She said … take care of your child. Father-daughter both … I don’t want to eat. I will eat and I will eat. What can I bring and eat?

Somnath didn’t say anything. He thought …. Honestly, some packets of food were found on the train last night. It was ten o’clock in the morning today.

Some masked volunteers arrived at the station holding food packets. Somanath took three packets from their hands and sat on the platform cement bench with his wife and daughter.

Sutapa’s cries stopped when food went to her stomach. Thought Somnath …. then what? It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. He has no plans to retire … His life and death depend on this volunteer Karona warrior.

Somanath pleaded with a corona warrior standing nearby … to keep my family in a quarantine center. Otherwise, the crying baby will die without seeing me. At this point, a khaki warrior reached out with a registration paper in his hand and asked …. No what is yours? Where is the house?

  After saying his name, Somanath said … Sir, village Sujanpur, five km from Baghmari village.

Khaki Babu said … then you have to stay at the quarantine center in Khordha. Let’s get in the car outside. Wherever you go on a particular bus, you will have to climb a rock.

Somanath and his family found a special room at the quarantine center. After lunch, Somanath rested and told Sushama … Our future is dark, my dear Sushama, what to do now?

Sushama said … I will not go to your house again no matter what happens. I left the village, swearing that I would not hit the ground, how can I swallow my spit again?

Somanath did not say anything. I remembered his story three years down the line. Somanath had left the village after his mother-in-law’s quarrel with his wife and one-year-old daughter. Somanath was returning for the first time. At home, his elderly father, son-in-law, and younger brother Jada-Beda (stammerer and deaf) Badrinath. His father is a retired government school peon. Sushama, the daughter of the village sarpanch, fell in love. Kuni daughter Sutapa comes to the world after leaving the house. It doesn’t happen.

Sushama’s complaint begins … Why won’t Dad pay half of his pension? Badrinath is useless, why would he swallow without earning? Etc…

Somanath said … What right do we have to my father’s pension?… His earnings are his. But no matter how much she explained it, Sushama didn’t know what to do with her mother-in-law. Sushama’s father-in-law also poured ghee on the fire.

That’s what happened to Dad’s ear. Dad said … is this little thing so swollen? From today, my ATM is in Somanath’s hands. Am I happy, bride?

But after the mother-in-law quarrel, Sushama did not agree to such a ceasefire.
Yoga got Somanath a job at a company in Chennai at the time. Since then, Sushma has left the village with her to return today.

Interrupting Somnaaaath’s sentiments, Sushma said … After the quarantine, I will take the girl to our house, you will go to your house. Somnath did not know if he would be angry or laughed, saying … Karona Sina ate my job, you ate my relationship. Which face should I go home to? Let’s eat a little bit of poison, there will be peace forever.

This time Sushama was very angry. She said … It’s all my fault. She is not a fugitive like you, but I will think of eating poison. My father and brother can feed me for the rest of my life. You think of me.

Somanath did not say anything. She could have been happier in her mother’s service.

How many fathers are crying when they go to Chennai. How many tears are shed by hugging their year-old granddaughter Sutapa in her arms? Is it okay for you to leave us at this old age?

Somanath, however, could not explain to Sushma. He had gone with the woman like an obedient woman. Today, through the corona, God has warned her about the importance of relationships.

The fourteen-day quarantine seems to have been fourteen years. Somnath has gone to leave Sushma at her father’s house fourteen days later. The in-laws did not bury them at home. “You are from Chennai, you will have a corona on your body,” said Father-in-law and Brother-in-law. After hearing that the quarantine had taken place, the mother-in-law said, “I don’t know if it is here. You should go to the mother-in-law’s house. It’s bad. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.
Tears welled up in Sushama’s eyes.

Somanath grabs his wife and daughter and faces his house. Seeing him from a distance, Somnaath’s brother Badrinath comes running and falls to his feet. Have we been apart?

Tears welled up in sushama’s eyes… Tears of remorse…Shushama was crying and crying. Bowie recognized.

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