Everyone knows the truth about death after birth and sees it with the naked eye, but many people do not believe that life is born after death. Because the body with which everyone interacts and moves around the world is buried or burned after death. There is little chance that he will return. So is it true that there is birth after death? The living being is simply a misconception of the ignorant. This body is an inanimate object. It is made up of five elements: water, air, fire, earth, and sky. Our body is formed in the womb from the semen of the father and the theory of the mother’s womb. Once the body begins to form, God activates it by introducing spiritual energy into the head. So God is called the Lightning Father.


When the soul leaves the body, this dead body dies. The soul does not die. It leaves one body and enters another body, meaning that the other mother enters the womb and becomes active again. This is the secret of birth and death.

  What do you do and what do you get out of birth – The Garuda Purana tells of pre-birth that the creature knows everything about its pre-birth while growing up in the mother’s womb, how it died, what sin it did, and so on. when she comes out of the mother’s womb and the air of nature touches her, she completely forgets her ancestry. This is the law of the cycle of birth and death.

  The donkey is reborn in the spirit of a person who insults or betrays his beloved friend. According to the rules of the karmic theory, if you have suffered a lot in your friend’s mind and he has not been able to endure that trauma, it is important to understand that you will be born 20 to 25 years old in the form of a donkey and endure the oppression of the owner. your sins are forgiven, you will be freed from the birth of a donkey as per the rules of work.

  A person who does not ask his parents and hurts his mind and keeps the house in a nursing home is reborn in a tortoise body at the next reborn. The lifespan of a tortoise is 40 to 120 years, which means that the punishment for this action is very long. It is said that the tortoise’s pre-birth sin is so deep that death always chases it. So he always hides his body.

  A person who trusts the owner and betrays the owner, the monkey enters the body at birth. The life span of this organism is 20 years. The person who deceives and deceives the wealth of others, such as gold, jewelry, money, etc., gives birth to insects, worms, flies, and so on. The birth of a crow contains a person who does not respect the Brahmins, guests, and teachers who come to the house. That’s why crows roam around all their lives in disguise. He did not receive much praise or praise from anyone.

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